Meet Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah Sullivan, creator of Sira’s Closet. In addition to being the owner, I am also the sole seamstress, designer, and stylist - a “personal designer.”; A mother of two enchanting children (ages two and five) and a wife happily married to my husband of nine years. I live at El Paso, Texas and spend my time making outfits for women like you. I love mixing rock into the styles to create wearable outfits inspired in the rockabilly style. It's nice to meet you!

My Style

As I started creating clothes for myself, my personal style developed into a combination of 60’s pin-up and alternative. My children even have their own sense of style now that reflects mine - they pick out the craziest fabrics and are always asking me to make them new outfits and costumes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing and knowing that someone wears the clothing I made for them because they love how they feel and look in them.

My Journey

Following the birth of my first child in the summer of 2014, I opted to be a stay-at-home mother. By the winter of 2018 however, I found myself exhausted and bored, with no true outlet to express my creative spirit. I still wished to be home with my children, to see to their development, but neither could I let my creativity flounder. What could I do?As a young girl, helping my mother design and sew our Halloween costumes fostered in me a passion for sewing, a fascination with the discipline of being a seamstress. It was upon watching the Netflix series “The Time In Between” that I gleaned the inspiration to recreate an environment in which a woman can feel beautiful no matter her size or shape. This to me is the chief tenet of Sira’s Closet: I believe all women are beautiful and that when they look beautiful, they feel beautiful; designing and creating custom-tailored clothing is my contribution towards a future where all women can feel and be recognized for their innate beauty. My husband bought me a sewing machine, and the rest is history! Turns out I’m a natural talent - sewing does run in my blood.

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